Homeschooling Topic


Dollie Freeman loves to talk about homeschooling, and the joy her family has found with The Charlotte Mason Way.

With nearly 20 years of experience as a homeschooling mother, Dollie has been able to overcome her own struggles of teaching multiple ages, in a busy home, and longs to help those mothers who are in the trenches, feeling discouraged.

Below are the topics that are dear to her heart, and that will impact those that hear her speak on them.



  • Why the Simplicity of the Charlotte Mason Way Works for Struggling Learners
  • Self-Education: The Pinnacle Ideal of the Charlotte Mason Way
  • Homeschooling Multiple Ages With Confidence
  • Homeschooling Through High School With the Charlotte Mason Way
  • Creating Homeschooling Routines That Inspire Independent Learning
  • How to Homeschooling All Subjects Each Week

I also speak about Home and Blogging.

To inquire about booking Dollie for an upcoming event, email her at [email protected] or use the CONTACT form on this website.