Blogging Topics


Dollie Freeman loves to talk about blogging! She has her specialties that get her excited, like systems and monetizing.

Dollie started blogging in 2012, with the focus on making a profit on her now rebranded blog Joy In the Home. Eager to learn the insides secrets of making money online, she became a blogging conference junky.

Dollie’s mentoring heart found its way into the blogging community, as well. In 2015, Dollie held her first Focused Blogging Conference that provides bloggers hands-on learning through implementing in her unique conference that works for any niched blog.

Below are the topics that are dear to her heart, and that will impact those that hear her speak on them.


  • Learning to Write for the Best ROI (Return on Investment)
  • The Importance of Accountability in Blogging Success
  • How to Take Your Big Goals and Turn Them Into Your Daily Activity Focus
  • How Strategizing Your Sidebars Can Improve Your Monetizing Efforts
  • The Art of Affiliate Marketing
  • Taxes 101: A System For the Paperwork Challenged Blogger
  • The Anatomy of a Marketable Graphic
  • Productivity at Its Best

I also speak on Home and Homeschooling topics.

To inquire about booking Dollie for an upcoming event, email her at [email protected] or use the CONTACT form on this website.