Starting my blogging journey in September 2012, I wanted to start it the right way and decided that my first year of blogging was going to be full of blogging conferences to help me learn what I needed to know to get me where I desired to take my blog, Teachers of Good Things.  That was the best decision that I made, because in my first year my blog grew more than I expected it to grow, which allowed me to begin monetizing my blog with success.

As my blog developed into what it is today, I began to grow my readership that included a large following of Charlotte Mason homeschoolers. In my attempt to further support them, I opened Mother Culture Connects for Charlotte Mason Educators in a Facebook Group and have been inspiring and supporting mothers all over the world.

In July 2014, I launched my second blog, The Charlotte Mason Way, which is a great resource for those implementing the Charlotte Mason way and connecting them with other bloggers who write about this method.

As my second blogging anniversary rolled around, I was busy preparing to launch something that was growing in my heart with each blogging conference that I attended… my own dream conference!

I look forward to welcoming the 100 attendees, the mentors and sponsors for the very first Focused Blogging Conference being held in Richmond, Virginia on July 23-25,2015.

Knowing what it is like to be a newbie blogger, I started the Focused Blogging Network, where we are learning how to focus on the thing that matters most to our success on our own unique blogging adventure.

As a further resource, I have created a Pinterest account perfect for any blogger, and I would love to have you follow and pin along with me!